26 April, 2007

round cardigan

did you ever see those cardigans? falling of the shoulder, looking cozy?
well it's not, it's actually very annoying, makes you warm in wrong places
and a back....circle is just not a good form for back




23 April, 2007

crocheted hearts

i made allot of them for sale last week
here some of them left
they are on my etsy sop now ;)

22 April, 2007

18 April, 2007

swet shirt bag

just a bag inspired by some picture




today's fair was a huge success!
Almost everything is gone)
I'll start working on a new collection soon)
PS. apparently boob scarf is for sail now!

15 April, 2007

09 April, 2007

bag makeover

at first pick a bag, any bag, but not too big , you don't want to spend a week doing this makeover, something like that one

then pick a pattern, any pattern, but not too difficult, you don't want to spend a week trying to figure it out, pattern like that one

pick a yarn, any yarn, may be red. Knit a square (if fits your bag) with the pattern. just as big as half of a bag. make a rectangular bottom too, i forgot to take a picture of that, oops

make 2 sides , sew them together and attach them to the bag

crochet around the handles and there you go, bag is ready!

06 April, 2007

cell phone sweatshirt

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brother of the previous one I guess

one of rhe firsst

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before I made any of clothes I tried to do something like that.
I personally find crochet toys much easier to make.

02 April, 2007

happy birth day cup cacke


little Hitler

I made it as a present to my history teacher, he loved it)




she is for sale on my etsy account


self portrait

people who know me might find it simmilar



firs toy I made
love him!


free form

I'm not really in to free form, it's hard, but I have some experience
purse PICT8160 PICT8163

and square for round robin (ugly picture, sorry)


sorry for the poor quality pictures
PICT8468 PICT8472


my firs and the last pair of socks.