15 April, 2007

boob scarf =)

I was inspired by that photo

an so i made a......BOOB SCARF!


Zia said...

Oh that is just too funny!!!

Christina said...

OMG!!! That is to funny and cute. That would be great for a bachelor party, to make the groom-to-be wear.

SojournerSandie said...

My sister had a double masectomy last week and I would like to make her a boob scarf for Christmas. Laughter is an EXCELLENT source of healing. How do I find this pattern??

ksenya said...

hi, i don't have a pattern written down or anything
but I'm working on one
basically all you need is 4 circles
(each one is a half of a boob)
put a nipple on it- another circle
stuff it and connect with simple stitch

hope it helps)

Lady Dy said...

Did you ever make a patteren? If so are you sharing??!!