02 April, 2007

free form

I'm not really in to free form, it's hard, but I have some experience
purse PICT8160 PICT8163

and square for round robin (ugly picture, sorry)


Amanda Jane said...

That free form looks great. I love the change purse. =)

ksenya said...

thanks =), but it's lock need a little fixing =\.

ps. first comment, yaaay =)

Amanda Jane said...

How did you attach the piece to the lock/closing thingymajig (I'm REAL technical)?

And, yay! First comment!

ksenya said...

i removed it from other purse =) so i kinda had to stuck that purse inbetween little bordrsof a lock, oh let it go i can't expain it....=)

Amanda Jane said...

LOL. Thanks for trying!