21 August, 2010

new rings


tarr0011 said...

What kind of string do you use?I've been starting to do smaller crochet and been trying embroidery floss.. which works ok, but sometimes there are too many holes. Any tips?

tarr0011 said...

hey there! what sort of yarn/floss do you use? I've been trying to make cupcakes and balls with embroidery floss, which seems to work pretty well, but perhaps I need to be using a small hook too. the holes are juuuust a little to big.

Any tips?

ksenya said...

hi, i use http://thimbleanna.com/images/2008/quilting/Thread1.jpg cotton thread size 8, small bobbins 10g and a hook number 1.2
number 1 is better but very difficult to work with
and that's it.